Monday, April 20, 2009

Private Memorial Service

Dear Mom,
On April 18th of 2009 your family had a memorial service for you..It turned out beautiful..I and with the help of Damian made a video tribute for you. Gloria, Carol, Mark, Sally, Mitch, Judy, your mom, Jen, Gina, Meg, Damian, Justin, Brandy, Hannah, Jamie, Abbey, my husband and I and a few more or our close friends were there..I picked out music that I remembered you listening to as I was a kid..We played that at the begining of the service and then I had each of your sisters pick out a song that they wanted to dedicate to you and those songs were played at the end of the service..For many of the family it brought them some sort of closure but for me it did nothing..It only made my emotions worse..

Carol and Gloria had gone through some of their home videos of you and put them on a DVD for the rest of the family..I thought that was so wonderful of them to do for us..I watched them later that evening when I got home from dinner...When I saw you on the video so much alive, walking, talking and laughing I lost my breath and began to cry..I had begun to forget what you sounded like and your movements..And then later on in the video there was some video of dad and my grampa..It had been many years since dad and grampa passed away that I had completely forgot what and how they were like...Everytime I saw you, dad or grampa on the screen of my computer I would touch..It seems that that is the only way I can physically feel you all again...I am glad that I have the video though..Because when I feel as though I am missing you all, you are not that far away for me to visit with and the memories that we once shared together..

I hope you were able to look down upon your service saturday and I hope that it was everything that you would have wanted it to be..When the DNA comes back and it is confirmed that it is you, Jen and I are going to hold a public memorial service for you..And I think with that service it will bring me the peace that I have so longed for all of these years..And I am sure that, that is what you have wanted for me all along..

I miss you so much Mom....(((hugs)))

I love you always,
Your daughter Angie