Friday, January 30, 2009

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

It has been six long years since you have been abducted and murdered..Six long years of not hearing your voice..Six long years of not feeling your embrace, and six long years of not knowing where you have been..

After six long years I think we may have finally found you..I hope and pray we have..A lot of people searched for you over these past couple of weeks..People who did not even know you mom..They walked through brush, thickets, water up to there thighs.Through prickers and mud looking for what was left of you..They even dug in the earths soil with golden hands to find you..

I wish you only knew how many lives you have effected and touched..How many people have grown to know and love you through Jen and I..

Oh mom, I miss and love you so much..And I so long for the day to hear that it is you that was found and that I can finally be able to say goodbye and lay you to rest the way you deserve to be..

Until we meet again my mother, you are forever my heart..

Your daughter,