Tuesday, August 26, 2008

To know Alice

To have known Alice, my mother was to love her. She had a love for nature, her family and life.

She was a woman with integrity and principles. If she was passionate about something she stood her ground on her beliefs.

She had a sense of humor that was not like any other. She had a way with words. She always spoke what was on her mind. It did not matter where she was. If she wanted to share something with you, she shared it with you right then and there. And in translation of her words it came out exactly the way she was thinking it...

She has been missing for 2111 days, as of today, August 26th 2008 and there isn't a day that goes by when I don't think of my mother.

All the memories of her flood into my head at times that it is so overwhelming. At times I cry. At times I laugh. So many memories of my mom and wishing that she was still here with me. To make many more memories.

Someone once told me, that bad things happen to good people. And it is true. But it is just so unfair.. Look at all the people out there in this world that go around hurting other people and doing wrong with their life. And then someone like my mom is taken away from the ones who love her and murdered. It's just not fair sometimes...sigh....But then again life is not fair. We can't pick and chose who are parents are. Or how or when we are going to die. And so with that, bad things happen to good people, I guess all you can do is learn from it and try to make a difference for others out there who are suffering and are going through or have gone through the same thing as you..

It has not been an easy road for me or my family. But little by little, year after year, we are slowly trying to put back the pieces of our shattered hearts. The healing of our hearts is a very slow process but each day I wake up to a new day, with a piece of my heart that was not there the day before...

Life is to be charished, good or bad. Life is not to be taken lightly by no means. Life is to be lived to the fullest. And charish everything and everyone in it..