Saturday, October 4, 2008

Charity Benefit In Honor Of Alice

On November 15th, 2008 I and several others are hosting and putting on a charity benefit in honor of my mom Alice Donovan.

We are holding it the day after her six year anniversary of her death..

The idea of the benefit is to raise money for a very wonderful, thoughtful, unselfish organization known as CUE. Community United Effort founded by Monica Caison September 22,1994.. This non-profit organization is based out of Wilmington, North Carolina. And Monica and and her volunteers travel all over the united states searching and bringing awareness of the missing..

Monica and her people searched for my mom, Alice.. And now that I have begun to finally heal from the loss of my mom and have a clearer mind. I would like to give back to CUE and other missing people and families out there.. And so the reason for Alice Donovans charity benefit..

November 15th 7pm til 10pm. Breakroom Billiard, Conway, SC. Hwy 544 near foodlion plaza

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Halloween Memory

So it is now the month of October and my favorite time of the year..Why I love fall so much is beyond me..I should dislike it very much..For fall for me is filled with sorrow and grief..
My biological father over dosed on drugs and passed away October 15th 1992 and my mom was carjacked and murdered November 14th 2002.
But in spite of the lose of my parents I still love the fall..

It is a season of change..Colors of the earth change. Things dying off for a new birth in the spring, to bring greater things. New insights and perspectives for life in the following year to come.

Fall is filled with moments of sharing and spending time with your family. You have halloween in which you share with your children..Thanksgiving in which you share a huge feast with all of your family members and friends and give thanks..And then of course christmas..Also a day to give and spend with your family and friends and the birth of Jesus.

October 1984, when I was eight years old. My mom decided she wanted to decorate the yard for halloween..We gathered old clothes that we no longer could wear and stuffed them with leaves. for the heads we used old pillow cases..We hung them from the big pine trees that surrounded our yard..Mom said that was not enough so she came up with an idea to make a giant spider and web and hang it across the trees that my sister and i used to climb and swing from..Mom gathered up some old rope she had found, spray painted it orange and weaved it somehow to look like a web..For the spiders leg she used black panty hose..And for the body she used a black pillow case..And stuffed it full of leaves..This spider was so big that people driving by our house would stop and stare at our yard..Mom was so creative..

I wish my children were able to share there own memories of fall with her, as I have..

And so another halloween is approaching..And I wonder what she would have thought to do this year....